Web 2.0 Expo

19 04 2007

I’m continuing to have a look at what’s happening at the conference and I noted some interesting discussion and a few new start-up to mention.

Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) , during an interview with Jon Battelle (co-chair of the Web 2.0 Expo and CEO of Federated Media Publishing) talked about the planned acquisition of Doubleclick. The future aggregation of advertising platforms under Google’s control has raised concerns about the Google’s capacity for evil, or at least monopolistic dominance of the Internet also referring to recent supposed private data retention in Goggle’s servers. I think that Google’s vision is changed through years and now if focused on advertising management using different tools and channels. I can imagine a not so far future where every object we use and see is connected to the Internet and can be used as media for advertising. Few words on the acquisition are also readable on the google official blog by Susan Wojcicki.

Schmidt also talked about new strategies for Google Docs & Spreadsheets that soon will include a tool to manage presentations, the Youtube suit and, oper your ears, “In order to win in the Internet, you have to have a scaling strategy. … So what I worry about these days is scaling,” he said. Well if Google worries about scaling… we all should too.

You cau read more about Schmidt speaking on Information Week and Wired and find the here interview.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) speaks about the new web services platform here and with Tim’OReilly.

Jeff Weiner (Yahoo! VP) speaks about competition with Google and recent partnerships.

In the next post my commets about Web 2.0 companies emerged at the conference. (Zude, Netvibes, Vidoop, esnips, Octopuz, Dapper, Coghead, Tellme)




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