Web 2.0 Expo – Start-up companies

22 04 2007

Web 2.0 start-up companies are raising very quickly and have been, in the last couple of years, the preferred target of Silicon Valley’s veture capitalists investiments, and of big internet companies acquisition strategy. Someone speaks about a new “Bubble” of the internet market but it does not seems so, this time. Well, a lot of companies have good products, brilliant ideas and other just not, but this happen in all market segments, and the web 2.0 “tag” does not mean gold. Most are based on the “traditional” advertisement business model, that works and will work for a lot of time, but the winners will be the ones able to use the partecipation model of web 2.0 to substain and reinforce the actual company business model (amazon is one) and the ones that will find new business models, based on advertisement or whatever else.

User generated contents, feeds, communities, rich web applications, widgets. All these web 2.0 technologies offer undiscovered possibilities of new features and business models and who will manage all data better than others. “Data is intel inside” wrote Tim O’Reilly in his article What Is Web 2.0.

I found an interesting post by Sean Ammirati on SugarCRM participation business model

Web 2.0 expo has offered an occasion to take a look and speak about some new start-up:

  • Netvibes – web aggregator or metagator has a very nice interface and a lot of aggregator ready to use. No registration is required and is possible to create differet pages with your personal layout. During the expo the company has announced “Netvibes Universes”. Netvibes Universes allows content creators to create custom Netvibes aggregation pages and seems that more than 100 partners have already signed up (like Time, USA Today, and The Washington Post) . This is a kind of brilliant business idea.
  • Spock – one of the more discussed start-up. Look at my previous post here .
  • Vidoop – OpenID authentication based on image acces code. Read this interesting article on Read/WriteWeb
  • Tellme – mobile voice recognition engine that offer information services to mobile phones. Recently has launched a free 411 service. Company has been aquired by Microsoft. Same service offered by google Goog-411
  • Coghead – online database based application devlopment for non coders. The primary use of these product is to create business application. Over 17000 developers are usin the platform. Read about Coghead and its competitors (one of hich is Zoho Creator, also present at the expo) on techcrunch.
  • Octopz – collaboration environment for several uses. Voip and video sharing support.
  • Dapper -create widget from any internet content.

Watch also this video with a brief impression from ZDnet poeple on these companies




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