Web 2.0 Expo – Start-up companies

24 04 2007

Last post on Web 2.0 Expo just to talk about some other company and give some other links.

  • Zude – create a personalized webpage from modules that hold your own content or clips grabbed from the web (even embed whole webpages). Each module can be placed anywhere on the canvas, edited, layered, and have it’s transparency adjusted. By their May 1st launch, these personalized pages will be templated into individual, family, group, and business zudes. Nice idea, easy of use maybe too many choices. Business model? Advertising, collaboration tools ? Far to come. Read more on techcrunch.
  • Bungee Labs – new generation application development environment enables the creation, testing, deployment, and management of rich web applications. The company offers a grid infrastructure to run and manage the deployed applications.
  • Yoono – soon to release a new annotation tool for their recommendation-and-bookmarking service. Called Buzz It, the new functionality will be part of Yoono’s installable toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Buzz It closely rivals the usefulness and functionality of Clipmarks, and Grouptivity–giving users a way to archive and share content they find on the Web.

Nice wrapup on the expo written by Richard MacManus on read/write web.   Also read here




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