Web 2.0 Italy

30 07 2007

It’s a while I’m looking at the italian development of web 2.0 and I’m pleased to read the raise of blognation Italy.

Lots of posting regarding italians start-ups and the difficult situation of venture capital. Finding seed investors for internet companies in Italy is a real problem but there are numerous initiativies to look at.
Read the lauch post , have fun and read the rest.

I think Italy at the moment misses the numbers (few people and companies around web 2.0) but it’s  grewing fast.


iPhone 2.0

2 07 2007

iPhone is finally released (500000 sold over the weekend). Web apps seems to be one of the main scope of the ipone a a lot of companies are hurring to develop a mobile version of their web (2.0?) application.

Interesting is Clippz.com, a service that lets you download “optimized video clips” from the Internet to a mobile device (a process it calls ‘sideloading’). Clippz has announced it is offering more than 500 MySpace, Metacafe and YouTube collections encoded in Apple iPhone’s H.264 file format.

Check out last100 for more on that interview, plus some early examples of iPhone apps.

WebOS vendor Morfik has created a platform for developers to build applications for Apple’s iPhone, which is being released Friday night. Morfik claims this is the first development tool for the iPhone.

Up till this point, no one had announced a development tool for the iPhone – although there have been suggestions by bloggers that Adobe AIR and Google GWT might become iPhone development platforms. However, it seems Morfik is the first to do it.

My personal opinion is that mobile 2.0 is more than using web application while moving. The major advantage should be interact with the place you actually are. But for this the iPhone is missing some more hardware like hi-speed connection and gps at least. Isn’t it?