2.0 Upcoming events

12 10 2007

Upcoming events:

Next week in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Summit.

Mobile 2.0 Conference on Monday 15 October.

Widget Summit event being held by Niall Kennedy on the same day.

Here is the Mobile launchpad list:

Heysan – Free mobile instant messaging.
Taptu – Taptu is a new search and share service for your mobile phone. We’re all about making it easier and faster to find useful stuff on your mobile, starting with music, Wikipedia and mobile Web sites.
Mippin – Mippin is the exciting new way to get your favourite internet content on your mobile phone.Mippin delivers the latest news, blogs and other web content in the perfect format for your phone – giving you the control to discover and share what you want.

Mobile Research
– Mobile Research is a mobile tools and services vendor located in Seattle Washington. The Mobile Research staff all come from the mobile telecommunications industry and understand the problems and technical hurdles facing mobile application developers and mobile content publishers.

Webwag– Webwag is the unique place where you can access all the information and services that matter for you, in a click of a button. Choose between news feeds, online services, live TV, emails (pro and personal), sticky notes, weather forecasts and many more. Simply click ‘Add New Content’ to install your widgets, drag and drop and you’re done with your ultimate personal portal. And to make yourself at home on any computer, sign up, it only takes 30 seconds!
RuleSpace – RuleSpace is the World’s leading provider of categorization technology, providing the fastest, most accurate categorization solutions available. RuleSpace solutions are used to power Parental Controls for ISPs and Mobile Data Providers, Enterprise Filtering, Safe Search, and Contextual Advertising.
KyteTV – With kyte, you create your own live TV shows and broadcast them on your own interactive channel, on your website, blog, social network or mobile phone. You can share your kyte channel with your friends and collaborate with them so that they can also be a part of your shows, by adding their own content, by voting and by chatting live with other viewers. With kyte, you can share your experiences live with the world and be the star, director and producer of your own live TV channel, wherever you are and however you want.
ExMachina – Ex Machina enables multiplayer cross-platform gaming.
We offer the only platform in the world to allow real multiplayer gaming on any connected device, anywhere, anytime. Our Julius 4.0 Connected Games Management System provides a complete framework solution for web, mobile and broadcast games.

The Mobile 2.0 conference brings together experts and thought leaders from all aspects of the mobile ecosystem, including investors, mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and mobile application developers and web technologists.




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