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19 10 2007

I have recently read some posts from Luca Conti, Luca Filigheddu, Robert Scoble, and Giacomo Vacca regarding the coverage of web 2.0 sites, companies, start-up by Californian bloggers and the rest of the world.

I’m exploring the web 2.0 since a while and i try to write about web 2.0 companies (far less than i would) on this blog.

I read blogs and websites from all over the world (in English and Italian) and could find good coverage in Europe as well as in US.

Some considerations:

  • The number of new companies is spread all over the world but the number is US is far bigger.
  • I suppose a blogger posts first about the world around himself. And considering the number of new start-up in web 2.0 there’s a lot to talk in US.
  • It’s easier to be noted if you have a reputation
  • A good launch strategy could make the difference.

On the other hand:

  • Starting up in US does not mean to launch a better service but, for sure, to have a better context, larger potential audience and more funding possibilities.
  • Relation (also economics) can have a major role in influencing ideas. (it’s life, also bloggers or journalists are real people). How much influence could became the problem.

I don’t have a final world if Robert ignored Hictu and why or if California bloggers speaks only about US companies, but I try to build a strategy for launching my new web 2.0 company.

  • Build the best service as possible, solving a need (or create and solve one)
  • Try to “have relation” with the people that can help you to build a better service and authority in the related world , indipendently if it is in US or EU or wherever. (but audience matters).
  • For funding read Guy‘s blog (in Italy, do it yourself)
  • Build your audience
  • Think how monetize before starting
  • Waiting other advices from gurus….

I’m Italian and I understand the rage and frustration of Luca F. and Giacomo. I would start my company in Italy and i’m worried. Thanks to have raised the point. Have some attention on critical matters is always good.




One response

20 10 2007
Giacomo Vacca

Hi Matteo,
thanks for covering this topic with such an objective point of view. I agree with your analysis and I think that basically Scoble has just made an oversimplification.
The element that lacks in this discussion is… users. That’s what I was trying to point out: the product launch and promotion activities are a fundamental aspect in a new product, but reports and comments from journalists and bloggers should be, in my opinion, focused on the real value delivered to users.
I could write (and I actually wrote in my blog) about products which have had a great kick-off with great entrepreneurs behind it, but after a couple of year pulled down its shutters…
The truth is that the blogosphere (even if I don’t like this name so much…), should be a place where people writes (or video-posts) from the point of view of users, perhaps early adopters, but focusing on the real value delivered and not only on what’s been launched in the San Francisco Valley.
Regards and good luck for your blog.

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