11 05 2007

One of the most relevant aspect of the web 2.0 approach is the participation of people to create and classify information. Tags linked to hyperlinks, maps, photos, objects, video and people are the real revolution of web 2.0. They totally changes the transfer and classification of knowledge.

Information that today compose knowledge are chosen and transferred (with some piece of paper) by recognized experts of the related matter.

Now a totally new taxonomy made by tags linked to information by the community (known ad folksonomy) could change the way we find information and also which information are transferred through time.

When we tag links on del.icio.us , images on Flickr, objects in MyThings, places in MyMaps (and a lot of other places) and share this information with other users, we are building the tomorrow knowledge. Think about it when save a tag.

Recently we can also tag people and share this information on Spock. Globally sharing this information could lead to a level of transparency never reached.

Even better if we consider that from the chaos of tagging a new order is coming.