IPod Touch and iJailbreak

15 10 2007

It’s a few minutes that a breaking news is spreading over the internet.

A 13-year-old hacker claims to have developed code that would let you put third-party applications on an iPod Touch without having to take a computer science class.

AriX ha developed iJailbreak, an automated program that allows third-party applications to run on the iPod Touch.

Ever since Apple released the 1.1.1 software update for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch in late September that broke older third-party application installers, hackers have been hard at work searching for a new way to bypass the restrictions. A preliminary jailbreaking application was released last week, but it required a great deal of expertise to get up and running. Erica Sadun, a writer for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, installed that iPod Touch jailbreak Friday evening but warned, “This is not ready for prime time, kids. Don’t do this at home.”

Apple gives the possibility to install web apps developed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch according to guidelines and specific user interface. Well I guess we will have news on these side and in the future software updates for these devices. At leastI hope. Probably exists a market strategy with new devices with more features and more “open” to third-party application. But what about the early owners? Another “price reduction” case? And do the iPod Touch and iPhone users really want to run third-party application? Well, yes I guess. So why don’t buy a pda? Because Steve has not produced one recently.

In the mean time some webapps 2.0 has been already developed.