Daily Web 2.0 picture – 11/05/07

11 05 2007

Web browser 2.0


Read about evolution of web browsers (web 3.0?)



11 04 2007

Connections have always been and are essential. Any form of connection, from biological to roads to connections among people. The Internet is based on connections, starting from the hyperlinks… pages connected to pages to other pages.

What’s happening with Web 2.0 is the humanization of hyperlinks. What was at the beginning the connection between two information is now connection between people. People is not just surfing through information but creating, sharing, and linking pieces of their lives.

While users love to build up their connections and the new possibilities offered by social networking, web2.0 technologies are running to try to organise and build up services to manage these new form of relation. The winning tools so far are related to a simple schema: users get pieces of real life (thoughts, interests, time, places, expressions, etc… ) and share with others.

Some examples: myspace, friendster, flickr, google calendar, google my maps, del.icio.us, digg, my yahoo, live spaces and youtube just to cite the most famous.

I wonder if next step is to have a complete net life. Well we already started with Second Life but probably will be hard to abandon our real, physical life. Surely we will be more and more connected.